Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Strange Blip on the Radar..

I was doing a routine flickr search for patterny (that should be a word) that I could use with my silk screening. Instead of really finding anything useful, I discovered that the linoleum pattern on my kitchen floor is quite the antique gem. This picture looks like you could've set up a ladder on my counter and looked down. I quote:

"This is a vintage linoleum pattern, often found in the entry of 1920's era homes."

Oh fear. Maybe it's time to conform to the modern age. Don't we all love coming to the realization that we are living amongst outdated trends that originated in Nebraska. No offense to Nebraska.

Vintage Linoleum Pattern by
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Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Sketchbook Project

I recently received a link to a project sponsored by Art House, in which participants pull together and submit a rad sketchbook. This is then featured in 6 cities around the nation including Chicago, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Boston. "It's like a concert tour, but with sketchbooks." If I can get my college shi out of the way, I intend on participating and you should too.

Photos courtesy of Art House

"The goal of the exhibition is to encourage anyone to create artwork and build a collective of sketchbooks made by artists from all over the world."

The Sketchbook Project Volume 3 | Art House Co-op | Atlanta, Georgia gallery | A Million Little Pictures, The Sketchbook Project

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Eye Candy

A picture taken in Kashmir after an earthquake. Compliments of Nicola Okin Frioli via Flickr.

Refresher on the Art Front...

As I stated in my inaugural blog post, my current artistic concentration is a focus on the political and cultural situation in Kashmir. Right now, I am doing chiefly portraiture of the inhabitants of the region, focusing on color to illustrate the "fabric" of this culture. Hopefully I will shift gears a little deeper into this topic, focusing on the Hindu - Muslim cultural conflict. Recently I learned about the Line of Control (or LoC) that divides Kashmir between Pakistan and India. This line is the reason for this 80 year clash. Depending on what thoughts wander to mind, I want to use line work to navigate around the idea of this cultural and political boundary. More is soon to come.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Hood Internet (Mixtape III)

This is the latest from the aforementioned Hood Internet. The intro is great and it's made with clips from international TV. Enjoy.

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Get Dancey

If your like me you may be bored with the recent 'hip-hop' innovations of the past few years... If your ready for some flavor there are two new collaborations you must check out. The Remix Artists Collective (RAC for short) and The Hood Internet are guaranteed to get you dancey. Similar to Girl Talk they've taken every artist from every genre imaginable and grooved it together into some solid dance beats. They offer a few free downloads, so you have no excuses. Check it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Fall is arguably the best season. On no other time of the year does everything appear to be ablaze. There's only a few weeks left, so if your feeling bored, I'd go frolick in the leaves before they're all gone. On a side note, anyone who saw girl talk the other night at the venue would agree - ultimate night of mayhem. Remember to frolic.
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