Saturday, April 18, 2009

A few spring occurences

The temperatures have finally risen and we all know what that means -- more downtown festivities. Kate and I rambled about town the last few weeks, and stumbled upon quite a few things to do. Not to mention, I enjoyed lurking the conversation of an old english professor (recently laid off and, naturally, emburdened with a darker, more cynical view of life) holler and preach about what would have upset Neitzsche about our current society. Apparently his prana flow was in a terrible state that day. (He said it, not me.) It's amazing the people you stumble on in Nobrow. I highly recommend taking in a deck of cards and listening to the colorful conversations that permeate the place.

Today was Record Store Day at Slowtrain. We mobbed down from Alta just in time for Band of Annuals.

...And the day before (Friday) was a gallery/fashion stroll on Broadway that I stumbled upon, on my way to see "Sin Nombre" (killer, by the way -- or 'modern as hell' as Cassady would put it.) Regardless I found a great pair of subterraneans playing on the street, (the guy on the right strums a washboard as percussion and lefty plays the harmonica/banjo.)

Kayo gallery was a happening spot as well, a real blackdress affair with a gypsy jazz group that reminded me of Pearl Django. Couples were cheektocheek, tangoing right and left. Oh yeah, and the art was cool too.

Saw Bruce Cockburn three days before that, (Tuesday.) Not my artist of choice, but he has a lot to say, and rips on the guitar. I managed to snap this before an authoritative woman with a laminate around her neck shredded my ear about photography in the 'theatuh.' Gotta hand it to Wagner though, the acoustics were great.
..And just a few shots from Liberty park on the first, warm Saturday of the season (God knows, how long ago.) There were some great kites and it gave Greeley (the bear) and chance to practice his social skills.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tom Thumb?

There've been a lot of allusions to Tom Thumb lately. What's the deal with this little fellow?
Tom Thumb is a traditional hero in English folklore who is no bigger than his father's thumb.

Tom Thumb - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

My previous 'Wanderlust' post has a poem in which Rimbaud references him, and so does Dylan. This is one of my favorite tracks from 'Highway 61 Revisited:'

"Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues"


My concentration search has lead to uncover a lot of great photographers. Among them is Steve McCurry. Famous for his work with National Geographic, McCurry is well known for the photo of the girl with green eyes -- taken in Peshawar. Although this photo has become world famous, it is not even close to being his best. Here are a few, but I suggest you visit his website. There are many galleries but its worth your time. He has an entire photo album on the use of light. Feast your eyes, friends.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

'A wanderer by trade'

I watched 'I'm not there' again yesterday and forgot how great it was. It lead me to do a little more digging into a few of Dylan's personas. So as I sit up here at Alta, more content than a hibernating grizzly bear, I thought it would be a good idea to read a little poetry by Arthur Rimbaud. I found a great one called 'My Bohemian Life:'

I went off with my hands in my torn coat pockets;
My overcoat too was becoming ideal;
I traveled beneath the sky, Muse! and I was your vassal;
Oh dear me! what marvelous loves I dreamed of!

My only pair of breeches had a big whole in them.
Stargazing Tom Thumb, I sowed rhymes along my way.
My tavern was at the Sign of the Great Bear.
My stars in the sky rustled softly.

And I listened to them, sitting on the road-sides
On those pleasant September evenings while I felt drops
Of dew on my forehead like vigorous wine;
And while, rhyming among the fantastical shadows,
I plucked like the strings of a lyre the elastics
Of my tattered boots, one foot close to my heart!

My wanderlust is getting out of hand.

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